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With clean, plant-based, functional ingredients, our products optimize and elevate every part of your day. Our thoughtfully created products inspire people to be a force in their own lives.

Adaptogenic Ingredients

Adaptogens have properties that are thought to contribute to overall wellness.

Nothing Artificial

We use nothing but the highest real food ingredients.

Fats We Love

Naturally occurring MCTs from coconuts.

Supports Energy

Formulated with ingredients that may support more energy, focus, and balance.


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Laird Superfood is based on the idea that nourishing, plant-based foods can help fuel you from sunrise to sunset.

Our company was founded by prolific big wave surfer Laird Hamilton. Laird started adding different plant-based fats to his morning coffee to increase his performance on the waves. Not only did his coffee taste amazing, it kept him full and energized for hours.

Sourced From planet earth’s Most Powerful Superfoods










Let’s be honest, most plant-based foods taste like grass and dirt. We make superfoods that actually taste super good.

Instafuel original
I fell in love with Instafuel since the first cup I had. It is delicious! Highly recommend giving it a try.
Teresa V

Teresa V , Subscriber since August 2021

Original superfood creamer
I use the superfood creamer in my coffee every day. The taste is amazing! I loved it so much that I referred a friend and she loves it too!
Tiffany C

Tiffany C , Subscriber since July 2020

Organic performance mushrooms
Delicious and easy to use! It mixes up instantly, tastes great, and gives me the boost I need. Who would’ve known mushrooms could taste so good.
Steve B

Steve B , Subscriber since June 2018

top wave

[Boost Functional Coffee] made for a rich cold brew that made us feel like we were starting off the day on the right foot.

They are taking away the barriers to being healthy, by making it easier with products that replace the cream in your coffee, for instance with functional ingredients.

[Organic Performance Mushrooms] are the perfect addition to your smoothie to contribute to overall wellness, and keep your body and mind fueled all day long.

Laird Superfood creates high-quality foods that allow people to perform at their highest levels. And this company is doing it the right way.

bottom wave


"As a naturopathic doctor, I place an emphasis on nutrition as an essential foundation to good health. I absolutely adore Laird Superfood and how easy they make it to have a product that not only tastes good but is good for you too.”"

Paria Vaziri

Naturopathic Doctor

"As an athlete, optimal energy and performance start with my nutrition. I have been using Laird Superfood products for years because they are the only products I have found that taste great, my body digests well, and I don’t have any energy let down."

Bo Stanley

Professional Surfer + Activist

"The world is changing! Now more than ever, people are extremely conscious of what they put into their bodies, as well as understanding what should and should not be listed on the back of a food label. Laird Superfood has been at the forefront of this movement for many years and continues to innovate within the space of health and wellness by making honest products with ingredients that not only you but your body will recognize."

Roger Montgomery

Health Influencer

"I have been drinking a mix of the Lairds products for several years. I started drinking the instafuel and the coffee. But the biggest win for me is the snack options that are super easy to keep with me when out on long film days for that burst of good clean food and energy"

Red Gerard

Professional Snowboarder

Paria Vaziri
Bo Stanley
Roger Montgomery
Red Gerard
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