Weight Loss Resolutions for New Years

Posted on January 01 2016

Weight Loss Resolutions for New Years

Happy New Years From Laird Superfood. All of us at Laird Superfood wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year. We are excited about 2016! There are new products in development and the company has been growing so fast thanks to all of you. We’d like to tell you about one of the products we are most psyched about and the story that goes with it….

Laird Hamilton has been starting his day with organic coffee mixed with organic grass fed butter, coconut oil, and red palm oil for years. He discovered that this unique cocktail not only helped him focus, but gave him the energy he needed to get through is high intensity morning workout routine. High-intensity is an understatement. Laird frequently works out for over 5 hours in the morning. Friends of Laird’s started to take notice of his coffee ritual and the idea of TopFuel was born.

Many people have weight-loss as their top New Year’s resolution. We believe we have an exciting and revolutionary new product which combines high quality ingredients for a cutting-edge way to start your day. There are two competing theories out there for weight loss. Theory one is “eat less calories.” The theory is pretty straight forward - if you eat less, you should lose weight. Theory number two, the main focus of the new documentary Fed-up http://fedupmovie.com/, basically states that it’s not about counting calories, but rather what type of calories a person eats. In other words, not all calories are created equal. Numerous studies have compared low-fat to low-carb diets. Nearly all of them show that decreasing your carbs helps you loose weight. 23 of those studies are highlighted here http://authoritynutrition.com/23-studies-on-low-carb-and-low-fat-diets/.

Facts about Top Fuel
Top Fuel is only 96 calories, 90 calories from fats. We recommend making TopFuel your breakfast of choice as many of us on the LairdSuperfood team have. So this is a very, very low calorie breakfast option and to put this into perspective: The average American consumes 392 calories at breakfast! Secondly, this is an incredibly low-glycemic, low carbohydrate breakfast*. TopFuel only contains 1/2 gram of carbohydrates per serving - that’s only 2 calories of carbs!! To put that into perspective, most Americans consume about 40 times that amount of carbohydrate in their breakfast.

Enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning with TopFuel, make it your breakfast of choice like we do, and easily make your New Year’s Resolution. Or better yet, make it a New Year’s Revolution!

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