50 years of False Advertising to Women: Fat is good – Food Industry PR is Bad

Posted on April 02 2016

50 years of False Advertising to Women: Fat is good – Food Industry PR is Bad

50 years of False Advertising to Women:

Fat is good – Food Industry PR is Bad

It started many years ago. In the middle of the 20th century, autopsies were performed on hundreds of people who had heart attacks. What was found was frightening. Arteries encrusted with layers of fat! The natural conclusion: Fat is bad and eating too much fat will cause a heart attack.

Enter the food industry

The agricultural industry could not help but capitalize on the massive promotion of low fat high fiber foods. These foods were marketed for decades as healthy and low fat. Low fat became synonymous with healthy. This trend continues to this day and is truly mindboggling in lieu of new science.

Women suffered from food industry propaganda

Women, who historically did the majority of grocery shopping for their families, became the targets of low fat labels and the promise of good health and weight loss. Our culture’s obsession with images of unattainable female beauty paired with the notion that fatty would kill you, led to the low-fat food craze. To this point, the number one selling food in the 80’s was Snackwells. Snackwell products became a phenomenon all their own. Advertised as no fat, but still containing a similar number of calories. Fat calories were simply substituted for sugar calories. The effect of this took two decades to be fully realized. This was no mistake. Any food scientist knows the addictive power of high sugar foods. Fed-up is a wonderful documentary on the subject.


Disastrous conclusions…

Decades of sugar for fat substitutions in food led to a national obesity and diabetes epidemic. People got fatter and fatter and did not know why. They were told to exercise more. Actually, to eat less food and exercise more. What we now know is that you cannot exercise or portion control your way out obesity induced by a high sugar diet. Sugar irrevocably deranges metabolism and makes it almost impossible to loose weight.

Portland Women’s Expo

This weekend, I will be interfacing with 14,000 women in Portland. I will be giving talks on anti-aging medicine and will have an opportunity to tell more people that fat is good and that it is actually the processed food industry is making us fat. It is our combined passion to bring awareness, new science and all the exciting new trends in health and fitness to our friends and customers.




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