Drinking Coffee Makes you Live Longer?

Posted on April 25 2016

Drinking Coffee Makes you Live Longer?

Dr. Frank Hu has been studying coffee for 20 years. He is a professor of nutrition and epidemiology at Harvard.

According to Hu, coffee contains hundreds of thousands of bioactive compounds. The fact that coffee is a complex beverage is an understatement.

Dr. Hu has been at the forefront of coffee research and has over 20 studies on coffee in the peer reviewed scientific literature (in addition to the 900 other studies he has published!). You could say that he’s way more into coffee than your average barista.

His most recent study makes the bold conclusion that drinking coffee will make you live longer*. Data from 210,000 people was analyzed and coffee consumption (both regular and decaf) was inversely associated with death from cardiovascular disease, brain diseases and suicide. This was the largest study of its kind to date.

Additionally, Dr. Hu has proved that regular coffee consumption lowers the risk of colon cancer, type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, Parkinson’s disease, liver disease and decreased risk of depression and suicide*.

“Regular consumption” was defined as 3-5 cups per day… so, drink up!

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Dr.Hu’s most recent published study


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