Laird Superfood, Inc. launches new round of equity crowdfunding.

by 85 Sixty January 26, 2017

Laird Superfood, Inc. launches new round of equity crowdfunding.

For Immediate Release: January 26, 2017

Contact: Paul Hodge, CEO. 888-670-6796 x 707


Laird Superfood, Inc. launches new round of equity crowdfunding.

Laird Hamilton's company is more than half way to its goal of raising $1.2 million through securing more than $700,000.

As the world's most prolific big wave surfer, Laird Hamilton has tremendous credibility and influence in the surfing world.  Apparently, he also has clout when it comes to raising money for his business interests.

"We have a passionate group of people who really believe in Laird, in his products, and in our team," said Paul Hodge, CEO of Laird Superfood.  "We have industry influencers from the natural foods industry, we have a doctor, a rock star and a host of people who bring knowledge and experience to the table, beyond just their cash investments."

Hodge said the money will be used primarily to fund inventory needed to keep up with the increasing growth.

"This is pure growth capital," Hodge said. "We've already paid for product development and start-up costs from existing cash, so 90% of these funds will be used to purchase inventory and to ramp-up."

The company launched in June of 2016 and until now, it has been entirely self-funded.  It posted sales of $840,000 to date, and has invested $314,000 back into the company. Hodge expects the company to be fully profitable by the fourth quarter of 2017.

"We've bootstrapped it this far," Hodge said. "We've been very fortunate... early on we were able to generate sales from Laird's fan base which enabled us to get traction without any outside funding. We're exceeding all of our projections, and now we need funding to keep up with inventory growth."

Laird Hamilton attributes the current success to strong brand values and to his team in Sisters, Oregon.

"Paul and the rest of our team are just killing it," Hamilton said. "I think it just shows what you can do when you have products that you truly believe in – that really deliver.  My biggest concern as a businessman – what keeps me up at night – is the consistency and quality of the products that are a reflection of who I am. They are delivering that, every day. I'm thrilled." 

Laird Superfood has two successful lines of products: Superfood-enhanced coffee creamers and organic Peruvian coffee. They are first-to-market in the enhanced creamer category... No other company offers coffee creamer that's delicious and is packed with healthy fats and nature's best source of calcium sourced from a calcified sea algae (Aquamin) that grows off the coasts of Iceland and Ireland. This niche is finally being filled and is thus an easy sell with natural food retailers.

In order to differentiate their hand-picked Peruvian coffee, Laird Superfood eliminates all the oxygen from their packages.

"Our beans and our ground coffee are packaged in proprietary Nitro-packs, so they stay fresh ten times longer than the leading brand," Hodge said.  "Longer shelf life appeals to retailers and a fresher-tasting cup is much preferred by consumers."

For more details on the company and its capital needs, see the Laird Superfood prospectus on at

Accredited investors can call Paul Hodge at 888-670-6796 x.707 or email at

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