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Mushroom Botanical


More than just mushrooms

Functional Mushroom Botanical Blends

What Makes Us Better?


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Specially formulated to meet your needs

Feeling the 2pm slump and need an extra boost to help you focus? Or, looking to support your immune system for that long week ahead? Want to help support your body’s natural ability to combat stress? Our Functional mushrooms with botanicals are expertly formulated so you can take advantage of all that nature has to offer. 

Simple and convenient

Our Energize, Wellness, and Stress Less formulas are conveniently powdered for easy travel and mixing into your favorite coffee or smoothie anywhere, anytime! Whether it’s a natural energy boost with Guarana and Panax ginseng†, to help support your immune system with plant-derived Vitamin D from Astragalus†, or if you’re looking to support your inner calm† with Lemon balm and Holy basil, we have the formula you’re looking for!

†These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

More than mushrooms

The addition of functional botanicals allows these blends to have a powerful purpose in your daily routine. You can mix and match blends depending on your daily needs, and never be without a plant-powered boost! We love adding these blends to our coffee or morning smoothie!

VeganDairy FreeGluten FreeNon-GMOSoy FreePaleo Friendly