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  • Dairy Free
    Gluten Free
    Soy Free

Sassy Molassy Granola

Ginger, Blackstrap molasses, goji berries, coconut and seeds make up this hearty, spicy-yet-sweet mix.


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  • Dairy Free
    Gluten Free
    Soy Free

Product Description

Sassy Molassy Performance Granola demands attention with its spicy-yet-sweet flavor and real (but never boring) ingredients. With coconut flakes, goji berries, and superfood blackstrap molasses, it's sure to be the perfect fuel for your next big adventure!

Directions, Tips & Servings

Picky granola is toppable, snackable, or perfect by the spoonful! On top of smoothies, coconut yogurt, or in any of your favorite recipes for an added crunch. It’s also a perfect pair with our Aloha OatMac Plant Milk.

Flavor Profile

This granola would best be described as spicy-yet-sweet with its dynamic flavors of ginger, blackstrap molasses, goji berries and coconut.


Blackstrap Molasses
Dark and viscous, robust in flavor, Blackstrap Molasses is the result of boiling down the extracted juice from sugar cane until the sugars precipitate out of the juice. What’s left over is a thick syrup that is less sweet in flavor and has less content of sugar, compared to the beginning juice.

Goji Berries
Part of the same family as Wolfberries, and in the Himalayas referred to as the "happy berry," the bright orange-red Goji berries are botanically known as Lycium barbarum. Nutritionally dense, these berries have been used for centuries in Asian cuisine and herbal traditions and have a sweet, yet slightly sour, flavor.

Organic Cinnamon
From tropical Indonesia, this aromatic spice is from the dried bark of the tropical trees from the genus Cinnamomum. A favorite in the spice world, cinnamon is sweet yet spicy.

Organic Ginger
Ginger is a flowering plant whose root is widely used as a culinary spice and has a long history of use in herbal traditions.

Organic Honey
Nature’s sweet syrup and made from natural nectars, honey helps round out flavors while adding a complex sweet note. Depending on the nectar source, honeys can often have different flavor notes -- floral, fruity, nutty, caramelly, to name a few.

Organic Pumpkin Seeds
Also known in North America as a “pepita,” pumpkin seeds are the edible seeds of the pumpkin squash fruit. Believed to have been cultivated some 8,000 plus years ago, pumpkin seeds are somewhat flat and oval, light green in color, and provide for a nutritious and crunchy snack or addition to many foods.

Organic Rolled Oats
Naturally gluten-free, chewy, delicious, and beloved by many, this whole-food grain is scientifically known as Avena sativa and hails from the Poaceae grass family of plants. Oats have traditionally been eaten as a porridge and today have become a favorite add-in in many baked goods, trail mixes and granolas.

Organic Sunflower Seeds
Technically the fruits of the sunflower plant (Helianthus annuus), a single sunflower plant head can contain up to 2,000 sunflower seeds. Sunflower seeds may be consumed dried, roasted, or as a nut butter.

Sea Salt
Sea salt comes from evaporated seawater and is less processed than table salt and may retain some of its trace minerals.

Shredded Coconut Flakes
Delicious and nutritious shredded coconut flakes, which are simply grated bits of dried coconut meat, have a lightly sweet coconut flavor and a chewy texture. A favorite in baking recipes, salads, trail mixes, and granolas, these flakes add a tropical flavor to foods.

Virgin Coconut Oil
With a light coconut flavor and aroma, Virgin Coconut Oil is derived from the cold-pressing of coconut meat and then the separation of the fats from the coconut milk. Coconut is solid at room temperature and melts around 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Coconut oil is prized for its fatty acid profile.

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