I see there are two Creamers the Powder Superfood Creamer and the Top Fuel Creamer, which Creamer is right for me?

Our Superfood Powder Creamer is a delicious creamer, Non-Dairy, Vegan, Non-Gmo, Gluten Free product that contains Coconut Milk, Coconut Oil, Red Palm Oil, Aquamin and Dried Coconut Tree Blossom Nectar to give is a light nutty flavor.  This contains MCT's and Aquamin, read more about Aquamin here...

The Top Fuel creamer comes in single serve packets in a liquid form and contains Dairy from Grass Fed Organic Butter, and the product is overall certified organic, Gluten Free, with no added sugar.  The Top Fuel has a higher concentration of MCT's naturally occurring from the whole food ingredients in the product.  MCT's cannot be stored as fat in the body but are used as fuel which may make it a better choice for athletes or people needing extra fuel.  It is recommended that this be blended into your coffee, tea or smoothies using a blender or our Laird Super Hand mixer.

 I see that the Powder Superfood Creamer contains Coconut Sugar, is it sweet?

There is some added Dried Coconut Tree Blossom Nectar in the Superfood Powder Creamers, but not the Top Fuel Creamer.  Coconut Sugar contains a variety of vitamins and minerals in itself and is verified Low Glycemic.  It does not necessarily make your coffee or tea sweet by adding it, but it does give it a delicious slight nutty flavor.

Coconut Sugar is considered one of the healthiest sugars available, you can read more about it here... 


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