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For a limited time only, Laird Superfood has partnered with to give you a chance to contribute and benefit from the booming coffee market. For full details, click here:

Laird Superfood has made incredible headway in our mission to elevate the coffee experience with premium gourmet coffee and nutrient-rich, superfood-based creamers. We successfully launched Laird Superfood in September 2016 at the Natural Products Expo East trade showWe’ve already sold over 54,000 units and have expanded to grocery shelves across Oregon, California, Nevada, Texas, Michigan, Maryland, Florida, Hawaii with more states coming down the pipeline every week.

What's the funding for?

CEO Paul Hodge said the money will be used primarily to fund inventory needed to keep up with the growth they're experiencing.

"A successful raise will allow us to ramp up our inventory, operating staff, and sales and marketing so we can bring Laird Superfood to even more coffee-lovers all over the country," he said. "This is pure growth capital... We've already paid for product development and start-up costs from existing cash, so these funds will be used to purchase inventory and to ramp-up our marketing efforts."

The Bottom Line.

Laird Superfood is positioned to become a dominant player in a multi-billion dollar coffee industry. We offer a very simple value proposition: Fresher Coffee. Healthier Creamer.

We're riding a wave of interest in the natural foods market... We're first to market with our nutritious, superfood alternative alternative to traditional creamers. 

Until now, Laird Superfood has been entirely self-funded. The company posted sales of $787,000 to date, and has invested $361,000 back into the company. Hodge expects the company to be fully profitable by the third quarter of 2017.

Now you can be a part of this fast-growing business. Accredited investors can get more details on this opportunity here. ,