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Keto-Friendly Products

We proudly offer a variety of products that support a ketogenic diet.


Naturally Keto-Friendly

Adapting to a ketogenic lifestyle doesn't mean you have to give up your morning latte or consume synthetic sweeteners. Laird Superfood Creamers are a naturally keto-friendly alternative to traditional creamers. Laird Superfood Creamers contain 2-4g of carbohydrates per serving, making them a keto-friendly option! 

What is Keto? 

The ketogenic diet and lifestyle are designed to help improve individual health and energy by adopting an eating plan that encourages the body to use ketones (fat) as its primary energy source rather than carbohydrates. Ketones are produced by the body as a biochemical response to a diet that is low in carbohydrates, moderate in protein, and high in fat. When the body burns stored energy in the form of ketones, the body enters a metabolic state known as ketosis. It's important to note that protein and carbohydrates can "kick you out of ketosis", even at low amounts. However, as you become more keto-adaptive, you should be back into ketosis within 1-2 hours.

Why do people adopt a ketogenic lifestyle? 

The keto lifestyle has typically been adopted by individuals that want to improve athletic and cognitive performance, contribute to disease prevention, and promote weight loss.

What is recognized as a ketogenic diet?

The scientific community recognizes the following macronutrient ranges for a ketogenic diet:

5-10% of calories from carbohydrates
20-25% of calories from protein
70-80% from high-quality fat

While fat is a key component of the ketogenic diet, the reality is that we do eat some carbohydrates. Many individuals will consume somewhere between 20-50 carbohydrates per day. However, as you become more keto-adaptive and your weight becomes stabilized, your body's threshold for carbohydrate intake may increase to a range between 50-100 carbohydrates per day. The extent to which your body is keto-adaptive is unique to every person. 

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