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All of our products are free from gums, fillers, extracts, "natural flavors", synthetic vitamins, and artificial additives. We're proud to offer you the cleanest (and tastiest!) products on the market. Best of all, our ingredients are sustainably grown and responsibly sourced.  

That's something everyone can feel good about. 

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Instafuel Original

Easy, Convenient, DELICIOUS!
I used to wake up earlier just to stop for coffee. Now I fuel up wherever I go! From the convenience of my desk to the privacy of my kitchen table, instafuel is never far from my reach! Stop wasting time, money, and flavor to boring coffee shops. TRY INSTAFUEL!


Original Superfood Creamer

Delicious with an unexpected plus! 
I was shopping for a nutritious addition to my coffee since I am sensitive to cream and didn't like non-dairy creamers that were full of chemicals. I found Laird!! It is so good! It is creamy and tastes amazing...smells even better. It also suppresses my appetite!! I just do not get hungry until well after lunchtime! Thank you!


Hydrate Coconut Water

My favorite
I think this is my absolute favorite from all the other products I've purchased. It really tastes so good. I make some in my orange go bottles for work every morning. It really helps me drink more and stay hydrated. Have repurchased this a few times already.


Performance Mushrooms

I feel so good after drinking these mushrooms!

Firstly the powdered mushroom blend is yummy, secondly they help me feel alert but not wired, and I am convinced that I am doing something amazing for my body in drinking them. Thanks Laird Superfood for helping me stay healthy and happy!



Best way to start the day!
I am hooked! The Activate mix gives me the added boost to my mornings that I've been looking for. I love the way it makes my water taste, and I actually look forward to starting my day with it. I've told all of my friends about it, and we all agree - this is the BEST!


Peruvian Medium Roast Coffee

This coffee is fabulous. I don’t like a strong brew and this is perfect. I do have a keurig but I use a basic Mr. Coffee pot that I brew this in and it tastes great with your unsweetened creamer that I am now also addicted to!!!!

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