Dual Speed Power Frother

Dual Speed Power Frother


  • Product Description

      Our powerful Dual-Speed Frother gives you the optimal experience with the entire line of Laird Superfood products. Create delicious coffee or tea lattes with ease, or whip up your Hydrate or Activate solutions in a matter of seconds.

      This high-powered frother can easily mix an entire quart of liquid, and thanks to its dual speeds, you’ll have a perfect consistency every time.

  • Directions

    • Place frother near bottom of mug and turn on. We recommend leaving 2 inches of room on top of your cup or mug.

      Cleaning Instructions

      We recommend removing the whisk from the base when cleaning, drying, and storing. Please avoid submerging or rinsing the base of the power frother in water or any liquid as this may damage the electrical and mechanical parts inside the handle. If you need to clean the handle of your power frother, we recommend using a lightly damp cloth or paper towel. Hand dry immediately after cleaning. 

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