Laird Superfood Reseller Sample Pack

Give your coffee-loving customers a better choice in creamer.

Creamer has always been the weak link in the retail coffee selling equation. Most stores offer many good choices in the organic coffee isle, but there's nothing comparable in the creamer department.

Until now. 

Laird Superfood Creamer is an all-natural, non-dairy, powdered creamer that takes coffee drinking to a whole new level of health.  Now your customers can add healthy fats, naturally-occuring MCTs and aquamin — nature's best source of calcium — to their favorite cup of joe. So their morning habit will become an important part of a healthy daily diet.

 If you want to boost your sales and keep coffee lovers coming back day after day, start carrying Laird Superfood products. Laird Superfoods has an entire line of Organic, Peruvian coffee and fortified coffee creamers that your healthiest customers will be dying to try.

 Laird Superfoods is the brainchild of Laird Hamilton, a world-renown big wave surfer and coffee lover. (Click here for more about the company.)

Please email us at:, or call us at 888-670-6796 ext 1.  We are happy to provide a coupon code for a free sample pack to qualified resellers.

The Laird Superfood(TM) Reseller Sample Pack includes:

- Reseller Product Catalog
- Reseller Price List
- Single Serve Original Superfood Creamer(R)
- Single Serve Superfood Enriched Cocoa
- Single Serve Organic Coconut Sugar
- Single Serve InstaFuel 
- Single Serve Peruvian Organic Medium Roast Ground Coffee
- Single Serve Peruvian Organic Espresso Whole Bean Coffee

Need a wholesale pricing sheet? Click here... to Download our 2017 Wholesale Product Catalog 

Do you own a coffee house, restaurant or bakery? We can provide convenient, single-serving packets of our Superfood Creamer as well as single serving organic coconut sugar.  So you can get rid of the junk food that people have been putting in their coffee for 40 years.



Laird Superfood Creamer was won third place -- 2016 product of the Year at Expo East.