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Airscape Canister - Small

The Airscape container's patented design keeps air out to preserve and protect what’s inside. These containers are perfect to store Laird Superfood products, keeping them fresh and readily available.

Small: holds 8oz, measures 5” w x 4” h



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Product Description

The Airscape container goes beyond airtight. This container both actively removes and locks out air to preserve and protect the flavor and freshness of what’s inside. The patented technology guarantees optimal freshness. The Airscape container pairs perfectly with all of our products. This container not only extends the shelf life, it protects the incredible flavors of all of our blends. 

The Airscape container’s sleek and classic design makes it a beautiful and fully functional display item. These beautiful containers are the perfect way to preserve and encourage the rituals you love. 

Small: holds 8oz, measures 5” w x 4” h 

This Airscape comes in the classic white with our LSF logo in black. 

Transfer your Laird Superfood products into the Airscape Container. Push down on the lid. You’ll hear a “whooshing” sound as the air releases.