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Sleep and Recover

This calming superfood blend is plant-based relaxation at its finest. The carefully chosen mix of botanicals and nutrients is designed to help support relaxation and prepare your body for a restful sleep.*
  • Excellent source of Magnesium and Vitamin C
  • No Melatonin
  • Dairy, Gluten and Soy Free
  • No Artificial Flavors or Preservatives

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

    • Drink 1 hour before bed to help promote a restful night of sleep.*
    • Add 1 pack to your cup (Trust us, add the powder first!)
    • Add 8-12 oz of hot or cold water and stir, sip and relax.
    Seaweed Derived Magnesium, Chamomile Powder, Montmorency Tart Cherry Powder, Baobab, Sodium Bicarbonate, Rooibos Tea Extract, Acerola Powder, Reishi Muchroom Extract, Organic Coconut Sugar, Organic Cinnamon, Lemon Oil Powder, Sea Salt, Monk Fruit Powder
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    Get a Better Night Sleep

    We all know good, restorative sleep is crucial to being at our best, and yet many of us struggle to find the good night's rest we need.

    Sleep & Recover combines calming botancials and nutrients to support relaxation and prepare your body for a restful sleep*

    This premium, synergistic mix of tart cherry, chamomile, baobab and rooibos tea, reishi mushroom extract and other botanicals will help you unplug and ease into your night routine for a good night’s sleep, naturally.

    We’ve also added seawater-derived Magnesium to help your body maintain a neurotransmitter that supports sleep.* And the best part? As we know many are sensitive to melatonin, we proudly designed this blend without it, instead focusing on our favorite plant-based botanicals and nutrients for deep and natural relaxation.

    Slightly Tart, Tea-Like Experience

    A light and bright tea-like beverage, Sleep & Recover starts with neutral, herbal teas as it’s base and then adds in tart cherry and lemon powder to deliver a bright citrus flavor. (And although you won’t taste the functional mushroom extracts, Laird loves their benefits!)



    Acerola Cherry
    This deep vibrant red fruit is known for its sweet and tart taste. The Acerola Cherry is also known as the Barbados Cherry and provides Vitamin C. This native tropical fruit has been used for centuries for a plethora of purposes.
    Baobab Fruit
    This is a centuries-old superfood, consumed historically in its native home of mainland Africa. The Baobab tree is also known as "the tree of life." Today the superfood is used globally. Baobab has a wheat-like or flour-like taste.
    Chamomile is a calming botanical that is a must-have in a blend designed for rest. Chamomile has a mellow sweet taste and a calming effect, making it a preferred botanical for rest. This is a delicious aromatic plant used in a variety of products that promote rest.*
    Lemon Oil
    Extracted from fresh lemons, lemon oil add a delightfully refreshing taste and aroma to our protein bars.
    Monk Fruit Powder
    Also known as the Luo Han Guo, is a plant native to China and northern Thailand cultivated for its sweet tasting fruit.
    Organic Cinnamon
    From tropical Indonesia, this aromatic spice is from the dried bark of the tropical trees from the genus Cinnamomum. A favorite in the spice world, cinnamon is sweet yet spicy.
    Organic Coconut Sugar
    Coconut sugar is derived from the nectar of coconut tree blossoms. Our organic coconut sugar has absolutely no artificial ingredients or preservatives – just 100% pure organic coconut sugar.
    Reishi Mushroom Extract
    Reishi is sometimes referred to as the "Queen of Mushrooms" and has been used for thousands of years in China and Japan for overall health. Polysaccharides and beta glucans make Reishi a special mushroom.
    Sea Salt
    Sea salt comes from evaporated seawater and is less processed than table salt and may retain some of its trace minerals.
    Tart Cherry
    Tart cherry is known for its gorgeous red color and unique flavor profile. This nutrient-dense fruit is native to Europe and southwest Asia and has been used for centuries in a variety of ways. When mixed with other ingredients, the tart cherry is perfectly balanced and gives a delicious flavor.
    Aquamin Magnesium
    A natural multi-mineral complex made up of magnesium citrate and trace minerals in varying amounts. Aquamin Magnesium is derived from seawater, and it is an excellent source of magnesium.
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