Coffee K-Cups

Functional single serve coffee pods.

Functional single serve coffee pods
are 15% off for a limited time!

Functional single serve
coffee pods are 15% off for
a limited time!

What Makes Us Better



Laird Approved

Laird Approved



Made with Plant-Based Materials

Made with
Plant-Based Materials

Earth Friendly Coffee Pods

Our Bright Cup single-serve coffee pods are made with plant-derived materials that are better for the environment and are compatible with most single-serve coffee machines. Now, brewing the perfect cup of functional, high-performance mushroom coffee is more convenient than ever before!

Freshness is Top Priority

Our commitment to freshness may sound extreme, but as coffee connoisseurs, we wouldn’t have it any other way! To maintain the rich aroma and roast profile of our mushroom coffee, we use a nitrogen flush packaging system that effectively displaces unwanted oxygen from the bag. Simply put, this system keeps the flavor so each Mushroom Coffee K-Cup you make will taste as delicious as the last!

The Perfect Cup, Every Time

Consistency is key when enjoying your functional mushroom coffee, and with our new medium and dark roast Bright Cup coffee capsules, each cup of mushroom coffee can be brewed as perfectly as the last with the touch of a button. Imagine, the perfectly balanced cup of functional coffee right when you want it, brewed in a way that’s kinder to our planet. That’s the Laird Superfood way.

Dairy Free
Gluten Free
Soy Free
Paleo Friendly