You asked, we listened!
Get Pump’d is back!

You asked, we
listened! Get
Pump’d is back!

You asked, we listened!
Get Pump’d is back!

Enjoy all of your favorite
flavors of fall in just minutes

Picky Bars

This isn’t your grandma’s oatmeal

Why You Will Love Them


Laird Approved

Seriously Delicious

Seriously Delicious

Hidden Veggies

Shelf Stable

Parent Approved

Nothing Artificial

Performance Oatmeal with delicious real-food mix-ins in every bite!

Crafted by athletes for active people and hungry adventurers, Performance Oatmeal is a superfood upgrade to this breakfast classic. Crafted with a thoughtful blend of natural carbs, fat and protein to keep you energized for whatever your day requires, you’ll get stovetop flavor with just-add-hot-water convenience. Made with real-food ingredients like organic gluten free oats, dried fruit, chia seeds, and just the right amount of coconut sugar, these oatmeals are delicious and built to fuel!

Convenient & Versatile

The perfect go-to grab from the pantry, office drawer, backpack, or tent- Picky Performance Oatmeal provides a solid breakfast (or snack!) in a flash. With all the convenience of classic instant oatmeal - just add hot water- you’ll never be without a plant-based fuel source that’s ready in minutes!

This is the oatmeal you’ve been waiting for.

Always gluten, dairy, soy, and GMO free, this is the real-food oatmeal you’ve been waiting for!

 With 50% of each bag being toppings, and providing 9 grams of protein per serving- Picky Performance Oatmeal is way more than your grandma’s oatmeal!

Dairy Free
Gluten Free