Picky Bars

Fuel by the spoonful 

Why You Will Love Them

Seriously Delicious

Seriously Delicious


Laird Approved

Hidden Veggies

Shelf Stable

Parent Approved

Nothing Artificial

Real food snacks, built to fuel.

Picky Performance Granola was created by three professional athletes who wanted to combine a science-based, performance-driven approach to nutrition using real food at its core to create a delicious and satisfying snack for anyone to enjoy, anytime! 

Tons of flavors to savor

With deliciously satisfying flavors for every palate, there will always be granola you love on deck! With flavors like Double-Dip Coco Chip, Apple Crumble, Call of the Wild Blueberry (grain-free), PB&J All Day, and Sassy Molassy, there is certainly something for everyone to love!

What’s NOT included matters

It’s not always about what’s “in” your food, as much as it’s about what’s NOT in your food. Picky Performance Granolas are all gluten, dairy, soy, and GMO-free. And there are even grain-free options! They offer a variety of macronutrients like complex carbs, satisfying fats, and plant-based proteins. You can use as a solo snack, or atop your favorite foods for an extra fueling boost!

Dairy Free
Gluten Free