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Vanilla Superfood Creamer®

The perfect vanilla creamer experience is ready for you right here. Get ready to elevate your coffee and tea with the classic flavor of vanilla from real vanilla extract, no sugary syrups or artificial flavors. Combined with subtly sweet coconutmilk powder this offers a taste you can’t resist. Completely rich and creamy while remaining plant-based and dairy-free! See the full list of ingredients here.

  • Naturally occurring MCT (from coconut) + caffeine = lasting energy
  • Powdered format means on-the-go convenience, longer shelf life, and a lower shipping carbon footprint.
  • Add 2 tablespoons of Vanilla Superfood Creamer to your cup (Trust us, add the creamer first!)
  • Add 8-12 ounces of hot coffee or tea
  • Froth and enjoy!
  • Pro tip: Don’t limit these flavors just to the glass- try it in smoothies, oatmeal or other recipes!

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"What nature provides is more sustainable." -Laird Hamilton
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“Artificial Flavors” Need Not Apply

While many vanilla-flavored foods on the market rely on “artificial flavors” to create the desired flavor, our Vanilla Superfood Creamer is made with real vanilla extract… and we’re confident you’ll taste the difference. Thanks to its powder form, it’s convenient to take on-the-go, has a longer shelf life, and a lower carbon footprint when shipping than other creamers. We love it when both our customers and the planet benefit!

  • Gluten Free
    Keto Friendly
    Dairy Free
    Soy Free
    Paleo Friendly

Keeping It Classic

This is one of our favorite blends to get creative with. A plant-based way to elevate coffee or tea, a rich and delicious addition to smoothies, or sprinkled into baking recipes. Vanilla Superfood Creamer is so versatile, it’s sure to be a household staple!


Coconut Milk Powder
Coconut Milk is an ideal substitute to traditional milk, and we are just beginning to understand all the benefits it offers from a nutritional perspective. Coconut Milk Powder is simply evaporated coconut milk and is a great shelf-stable ingredient in many of Laird Superfood's products!

Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla
This special vanilla is produced from hand-selected beans cultivated in Madagascar, the world's leading supplier of premium vanilla. Strongly aromatic with warm, floral notes, this vanilla has a flavor profile that is slightly sweet with a velvety after-tone.

Organic Ceylon Cinnamon
The Ceylon cinnamon tree is a small evergreen tree that is native to Sri Lanka. The inner bark of the tree is used to make Ceylon cinnamon which adds a delightful and comforting hint of spice and flavor.

Organic Maple Sugar
Starting with sweet-water sap tapped from the Sugar Maple tree, a large hardwood tree native to North America and part of the Soapberry family (Sapindacea), maple sugar is the result of crystallization of this syrup. Maple sugar is lower on the glycemic index as compared to table sugar and lends an overall slight sweetness with complex flavor notes of warm vanilla, molasses, and maple syrup to our formula.

Sea Salt
Sea salt comes from evaporated seawater and is less processed than table salt and may retain some of its trace minerals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We think you will! We’ve formulated our superfood creamers to have a rich and smooth taste without being too heavy on the coconut. It’s meant to complement, but not overpower the flavor of your favorite cup- morning, noon, or night!

The majority of the world's vanilla extract is fake imitation vanilla that's not a product of the plant itself. Instead, it's flavored primarily with synthetic vanillin (a lab-produced version of the same chemical compound that occurs naturally in real vanilla). Our creamers, however, contain vanilla extract from the plant itself, giving a truly delicious (and premium!) vanilla flavor.