You won' t find a fresher cup unless you roast it yourself.

When it comes to great coffee, time and oxygen are the enemies. Beans go bad fast! In fact, coffee starts losing its flavor and aroma almost immediately after roasting. That's why local roasters publish the roast date and limit their distribution... Because the clock is ticking.

With the Laird Superfoods Nitro Packing process, time stands still.

These High Altitude Organic Beans are also wet processed, and packaged in a proprietary inert gas process which reduces oxygen content to 0%-0.2%, where normal industry standard inert gas packaging aims for 3.5% o2 levels.  Having virutally zero o2 in the bags insure our unopened coffee bags taste fresh for up to 1 year!  Taste the difference...

Of course, we also start with the richest, most complex organic coffee we could find.

Laird Hamilton scoured the world and eventually decided on hand-picked, high-altitude, shade-grown beans from Peru because of their low acidity. Then he chose a wet-processing technique that eliminates the chance of contamination and flavor degradation. The beans are slow-roasted in small batches using a drum roaster and, finally, vacuum-sealed in an oxygen-free package.

No other coffee company goes to such great lengths to preserve the flavor and nutritional value of your favorite beverage.

Choose Espresso, Medium Roast, Swiss-water Decaf or our own, convenient Instant. All high-altitude Peruvian beans. All packed in Nitrogen, for the ultimate in freshness. All delicious.