California Prop 65

California Prop 65

Why are you seeing this warning on certain Laird Superfood Products?

Some of Laird Superfood’s products contain naturally occurring “heavy metal minerals” which the State of California requires our company (and many others) to feature the Proposition 65 warning label for food products containing lead content. While we understand the importance of this law, we respectfully disagree with its broad designation and would like our valued consumers to compare the lead content found in Laird Superfood products with other common whole foods.

What is Prop 65?

The Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986 known as Prop 65 is an initiative that was passed in California that requires the state to publish a list of chemicals known to cause cancer or birth defects or reproductive harm. Since 1986 the list has grown to include about 800 chemicals. The state of California designates a maximum allowable level of each chemical per day referred to as a safe harbor limit. These limits are then calculated with a threshold of 1000 times below an observable effect limit. The observable effect limit is often times calculated with animal studies. These limits set by California are much more stringent than nationally and internationally recognized limits presented by FDA, EPA, WHO and EU. 

Which Laird Superfood products require a warning label?

Our Activate: Daily Jumpstart, Instafuel, HYDRATE Original, HYDRATE Beet, HYDRATE Matcha, and HYDRATE Turmeric products require the following warning:

Are Laird Superfood Products Safe?

Absolutely! Food safety is our #1 priority, we follow the strict guidelines set forth by Federal Drug Administration (FDA), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and World Health Organization (WHO). Laird Superfood food experts conduct rigorous tests to evaluate the safety levels of naturally occurring heavy metal minerals present in our food. We strive to ensure that our products will include the minimum amount of any heavy metals as possible by following industry-leading manufacturing practices and do not introduce any contaminants during the production process. In our effort to maintain governmental and consumer transparency, we freely share our test results to include the limits set forth by WHO/EU, FDA and Prop 65 that will allow our valued customers with contextual data that allows everyone to compare and understand the implications of such a broad warning. 


Why do Laird Superfood Products contain heavy metals at all?

We source all-natural ingredients with minimal processing in order to provide our consumers with a product that is real and free of any artificial ingredients or processes. These ingredients obtain their nutrients from the soil that they are grown in. That soil contains many different minerals including heavy metal minerals. The plant absorbs these nutrients through their roots which is transferred to the plant itself, that we as humans consume. We do NOT add any contaminants to our products and do not use processes that could add any additional contaminants to our products. Our products only contain what the plants have absorbed throughout their growth cycle. As the soil changes and we receive products from different sources the levels present may change from lot to lot, and for that reason we conduct testing on our finished products. We are happy to share that information with you if you are curious about a specific lot or just looking for an average.  


Do other similar products contain the same levels?

There are many common foods that in their pure form do not meet the prop 65 limits set by the state of California. The average levels of lead found in the following foods is displayed below and as you can see they are well above the limits established by California. The most important factor to consider when purchasing ingredients or assessing the warning is that there is no distinction between the heavy metal mineral found naturally occurring in soil and crops versus that found in man-made products such as industrial paint or exhaust from a factory etc.


Why do other products that look like they contain the same ingredients not have a warning?

Because of how Prop 65 is enforced there is an inconsistency between which products have warnings and which do not. Some companies may be involved with settlements requiring them to display the warning, other companies may not be aware of the requirements and still others may not be as diligent with adhering to the requirements set forth by prop 65. A lack of a warning on a product does not mean that the product is free from those substances or that it falls below the specified limit. At Laird Superfood we take special care to ensure that we follow all relevant regulations applicable to the places our product is purchased and used. For that reason, we elect to display a warning with regards to our lead levels. We are dedicated to continuing to be a transparent company that you can trust to always be providing the highest quality and safest products we can.