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Better Vitamin c

35% more affordable

Contains Prebiotics that support a healthy gut

No “Natural” flavors

Vitamin D From Plants

The taste appeal

  • Light lemon flavor
  • Flavored with real food including lemon and pineapple powder
  • Real food is going to settle. That's the beauty of avoiding fillers and emulsifiers. Just keep swirling as you drink and you'll love every drop.

What everyone is saying

Daniel A.

This new formula blows any other greens mix out of the water. I look forward to having this everyday.


Mark W.

I like the taste of these greens better than AG1


Kevin H.

I’ve tried other daily greens and I have to say that Laird’s has been the best for me. I have a drink (two scoops daily greens with water) every morning following my workout. Not only that, but I just turned 59, and I feel great! Knowing that I supplement my diet with Prebiotic Daily Greens puts me at ease.


Callie P.

This is ten times better than AG1! This you can taste the fruit and a little sweet when you drink this. Works like a charm too! Everyone in my house had COVID but this helped keep it away! (it was the only difference)


Paige H.

I’ve tried lots of different kinds of greens over the years but most had a very acidic or just overpowering taste. The taste of Daily Greens is very mild and just slightly sweet. No pinching noses or chugging needed for this stuff. I highly recommend using a handheld milk frothing mixer to mix it. It tends to clump. Adding it in small bits at a time and mixing it as you go fixes that issue though! I originally was going to buy AG1 greens but one, they price was outrageous and they had to be making a killing, and two, Daily Greens have MORE ingredients like functional mushrooms and they’re a FRACTION of the cost. So if you’re comparing the two, Daily Greens is better quality, better price, and clearly they do business with integrity instead of jacking up the price in the name of a bigger paycheck. I’ve been buying from Laird for years now and it’s never disappointed.


Zach H.

We have tried many different types of daily greens. This product Is by far the best. The flavor stands out the most to us. It is actually enjoyable chilled. You don’t have to ` plug and chug to get it down. We are glad to be new and forever customers of Laird superfoods.


Brian G.

Glad I went with Laird and Gabby instead of another brand. Feel like I got quality for sure.


Kevin M.

Been drinking the Daily Greens for a few mornings now. Great flavor; can definitely taste the pineapple sweetener. Mixes well. And best of all its less expensive than AG1


Brookie W.

I have to admit I was skeptical about trying the daily greens, I was afraid they would be too earthy tasting. To my surprise they are not and they are easy to drink. I would purchase again.



Getting your daily serving of fruits and vegetables just became so easy. Filled with 22 superfood ingredients, the Daily Prebiotic Greens blend has everything you need. The power is in the powder.

The enteric nervous system that regulates our gut is often called the body's "second brain" because it is so critical to bodily function. That’s why we’ve filled this blend with the fruits, vegetables, adaptogens and prebiotics needed to support a healthy gut and optimal daily nutrition.

  • 22 superfood ingredients in one simple scoop
  • Excellent source of vitamin D, C, K, B12, and calcium and a good source of fiber, magnesium, and manganese
  • Nourish your gut with prebiotics
  • Much more affordable than competitors and not filled with junk ingredients like "natural flavors"
  • Incorporates adaptogens to balance the body
  • No need for refrigeration, unlike AG1


Daily Greens
  • Uses prebiotic fiber blend with recognizable fibers (like sweet potato, blueberry, and carrot fibers) that the body utilizes to help to ensure you won’t bloat.
  • Our Greens uses True Dietary Fiber (DF) that is naturally occurring in plants.
  • Provides 99% Vitamin C, more isn’t always better. We’ve included ingredients that are more bioavailable leading to no bloating and better absorption.
  • Always soy, dairy and gluten free and no refrigeration needed.
  • Sweetened with lemon & orange oil and a small amount of monkfruit.
  • Uses inulin Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) prebiotic fiber which can cause gas, bloating and upset stomach.*
  • Has 467% of DV Vitamin C which the body cannot store so your body releases most of what you are paying for.*
  • Contains Soy and requires refrigeration.
  • Is sweetened with Stevia.


Prebiotics Vs Probiotics:

  • Put simply a PREbiotics are foods rich in fiber found in fruits, veggies and whole grains and they act as a healthy bacteria in the gut. Prebiotics are like food for the microflora in the body. Their intention is to improve the balance of these microorganisms in the body’s gut.
  • PRObiotic are foods that have the live microorganisms to improve the “good” bacteria in your gut. You need both.


  • LSF Daily Greens uses a true Dietary Fiber(DF) that is naturally occurring in plants vs. others use functional or purified fibers that could loose plant properties. This makes it difficult for fiber to move through the body.
  • LSF uses recognizable fibers like blueberry and carrot fibers that the body utilizes to help ensure you wont bloat. Other greens that use purified fibers will cause bloating or gas.

Upcycled Blend:

  • LSF fruit and vegetable blend is 95% upcycled.
  • Often times when large companies make juices they cut and throw away the peel or the by products of the fruit of vegetable along with all its nutrients.
  • We take the power of real foods in powder form. Through our process of freeze drying we preserve the nutrients of the fruits, veggies, and fibers.

Gut Health:

  • Our Daily Greens allows for slow fermentation. Fast fermentation (found in komuchas) can lead to gas, bloating, and uncomfortable digestion if taken daily.
  • Microbiome is all the microscopic life in and on your body, this includes the gut.
  • About 70% of our immune system lives in our gut so when the gut is down so is the body.

The Laird Commitment: Satisfaction Guarantee

We happily back our products with a world-class customer service team and a 30-day guarantee.


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Is this product gluten free?
Is it easy to mix into water?