Get The Best Tasting Greens For 40% Less Than AG1

Get 1+ serving of fruits and veggies every day with the best tasting greens on the market that are packed full of powerhouse ingredients without the “natural flavors” or need for refrigeration like AG1.

Daily Greens
  • Great citrus taste form the pineapple and apples
  • 40% more affordable than AG1
  • No "natural flavors" like AG1
  • Get a serving of fruits and veggies in less than 5 min a day
Limited Time Only
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Delicious, natural taste

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40% more affordable

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Contains Prebiotics that support a healthy gut

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No “Natural” flavors

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What is everyone saying

Daniel A.

This new formula blows any other greens mix out of the water. I look forward to having this everyday.

5 stars

Loretta C.

Better than other brands. Felt better after 1 week of drinking it daily. The taste was surprisingly good.

5 stars

Stephen T.

Love that these are whole foods and a lot cheaper then the others out there. I feel great when I take these everyday

5 stars

Build Better Health in Less than a Minute Per Day!

Getting your daily vitamins and minerals just became so much more delicious. Filled with 22 superfood ingredients, the Daily Prebiotic Greens blend is our favorite new addition to the Laird Superfood family.

The enteric nervous system that regulates our gut is often called the body's “second brain” because it is so critical to bodily function. That’s why we’ve filled this blend with the fruits, vegetables, adaptogens and prebiotics needed to support a healthy gut and optimal daily nutrition.

It's real, simple, and perfect for on the go fuel. Supercharge your next glass of water with...

  • 18 superfood ingredients in one simple scoop
  • Excellent source of vitamin D, C, K, B12, and calcium and a good source of fiber, magnesium, and manganese
  • Nourish your gut with prebiotics
  • Much more affordable than competitors and not filled with junk ingredients like "natural flavors"
  • Incorporates adaptogens to balance the body
  • No need for refrigeration, unlike AG1
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The laird commitment: Satisfaction Guarantee

We happily back our products with a world-class customer service team and a 30-day guarantee.

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