Rewards Program




REWARDS PROGRAM: Create an account and you will automatically be rewarded Rewards Points which can be traded for discounts!  Its our way of rewarding regular purchasers of Laird Superfood products!

When you sign in, you can click the rewards tab to see available points and rewards offers.



-200 Points when you sign up as a new account

-1 point for Every $1 Spent

-250 Points when you refer a friend through our Rewards Tab and that friend makes a purchase, and that friend will receive a 10% coupon code.

-50 Points when you follow us on each facebook, twitter and instagram.

-50 Points when you share on Facebook Through the Rewards Tab

-50 Points when you share on Twitter Through the Rewards Tab


Spending Points:  Click on the rewards tab to redeem your points.

-$5 Coupon Code for 250 Points

-$10 Coupon Code for 500 Points

-$20 Discount for 1000 Points

Thanks for your support! If any questions about this program email us at