Give your customers fresher coffee and healthier creamer.

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Do you want to boost your sales and keep coffee lovers coming back day after day, start carrying Laird Superfood products. Laird Superfood has an entire line of Organic, Peruvian coffee and fortified coffee creamers that your healthiest customers will be dying to try. 

Creamer has always been the weak link in the retail coffee selling equation. Most stores offer many good choices in the organic coffee isle, but there's nothing comparable in the creamer department.

Until now. 

  Laird Superfood Creamer is an all-natural, non-dairy, powdered creamer that takes coffee drinking to a whole new level of health. Now your customers can add healthy fats, naturally-occuring MCTs and aquamin — nature's best source of calcium — to their favorite cup of joe. So their morning habit will become an important part of a healthy daily diet.

Fresher, by far.

Laird Superfood Coffee features organic, Peruvian beans that are slow roasted and Nitro-packaged. We remove 99.8% of the oxygen from our bags, so it stays fresh 10 times longer than the leading brand. 

Please email us at:, or call us at 888-670-6796.  

Longer shelf-life equals larger profits for you.