Give your customers fresher coffee, better creamers, and more delicious and convenient coconut waters. 

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Do you want to boost your sales and keep health-conscious coffee lovers coming back day after day? Bring Laird Superfood products to your business! Your customers will love our vegan Superfood Creamers, organic Peruvian coffee, and all-natural hydration solutions.



About Laird Superfood Creamer:

Coffee creamer has historically been the weak link in the coffee retail equation. Today, organic coffee has become an essential among consumers, but many of these eco-conscious, health-minded coffee connoisseurs have yet to discover a better, healthier creamer.

Laird Superfood Creamer is a plant-based alternative to traditional dairy creamers with less sugar, more high-energy fats, and absolutely no extracts or synthetic additives - and your customers will love it! All of our creamers naturally contain the full range of MCTs found in real coconut, plus Aquamin™marine algae, nature's best source of calcium and 72 trace minerals. Plus, it requires no refrigeration!

Discover nature's ultimate hydration solutions.

Laird Superfood makes taking coconut water on the go easier than ever with our freeze-dried HYDRATE solutions. Our all-natural blend of coconut water and Aquamin™ is a better alternative to sugar-laden sports drinks with essential electrolytes and trace minerals, and it's more eco-friendly than bottled coconut waters, too. Just mix with cold water and enjoy! 

Fresher, by far.

Laird Superfood Coffee features organic, Peruvian beans that are slow roasted and Nitro-packaged. We remove 99.8% of the oxygen from our bags, so it stays fresh 10 times longer than the leading brand. 

Longer shelf-life equals larger profits for you.

Give us a call or send us an email for wholesale information. We're excited to welcome you and your customers to our ohana! 



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