Most caffeine removal processes use harsh unhealthy chemicals like methylene chloride, ethyl acetate or CO2 as the key ingredient behind their caffeine extraction. The Swiss Water process uses WATER, making the process a more environmentally friend process that is chemical free while still removing 99.9% of all caffeine. Because the Swiss Water Process decaffeination process is chemical-free, Swiss Water Decaf is the healthiest of choices when it comes to choosing your decaf coffee. Besides being healthy, the original coffee taste and character is well preserved throughout and Swiss Water decaf outperforms other decaf coffees without question.  

This HB Class bean (High Altitude Bean) is grown at an altitude above 4000 feet and hand picked to insure ripeness of every coffee cherry, this coffee bean is treated with care every step of the way.

This Organic Medium Roast Swiss Water Process Decaf has a unique distinguished taste profile.  As we take our first sip, immediately we notice there are no hints of chemical or left over CO2 that we can pick up from other decaf coffees. We also notice a nice rich flavor with notes of bright accents nestled down with a floral aroma.  

After roasting it is packaged using our special proprietary packaging system, which removes oxygen through flushing with inert gases.  Typically coffee in standard packaging will go stale within 2-4 weeks. Often becoming stale by the time it hits store shelves. Laird Superfood Coffee™ by contrast, will remain preserved and fresh tasting unopened for six months. Our proprietary inert gas process reduces oxygen content to 0%, where other industry standard nitrogen flush systems only reduce O2 levels to 3.5%.  This little bit of oxygen makes a world of difference in freshness. We go the extra mile and expense to insure you are getting the best, freshest coffee possible.

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