the worlds best cup of coffee

Try it for 7 days and you wont ever look back.

Why 7 days? We understand that a morning coffee ritual is sacred. It's that peaceful time to yourself during the holidays and it is often short-lived. Laird Superfood wants to optimize the morning cup and we know after just 7 days you will be hooked. We guarantee it! So unveil a new magical world of creamy, plant-based, and delicious creamer. By the end of your morning cup, you will be spreading holiday cheer for all to hear!

A new coffee experience

the worlds best cup of coffee

No matter how much you love your current creamer, it's likely full of things your body doesn't love.

the worlds best cup of coffee

A detailed guide to making the “Actual World’s Best Cup of Coffee” with the recommended tools you need, and chances to win a GO AeroPress.

the worlds best cup of coffee

The flavor notes of our seasonal coconut-based creamers will make you treat every day like it’s the Holidays!

Day 1
Follow these steps to make the

"Actual World’s Best Cup of Coffee"

peppermint mocha

Step 1

While the coffee is brewing, put 2 tbsp of powdered creamer or instant latte into your favorite holiday mug. Yep, you put the powder in the cup first!

Step 2

Add your hot coffee or hot water.

Step 3

Froth all the magic together and enjoy!

We have mastered the perfect cup here at Laird Superfood. Check out some helpful tips below to bring some cheer to your holiday cup.

Day 2-7

The 7 Day Challenge

Day 2

Perfect that frothing technique. Let us guess, there might have been an overflow spill from your mug yesterday? Keep that frother along the side of the mug to keep the swirl under control.

Day 3

Focus on texture today. Make sure you're putting the powder in the mug first! We know it's a new habit.

Day 4

Creaminess check! If it still tastes less creamy than you'd like, add another scoop of powder!

Day 5

Barista talents begin. Now that you understand the frother, try pulling it towards the top of the liquid at the end of your frothing, giving one extra swirl for a slightly frothier foam.

Day 6

Perfect your own "Laird Experience". Try adding some custom ingredients to make your own Perfect Cup! (We love adding Performance Mushrooms.)

Day 7

Moment of truth! Try a cup of your old coffee experience vs. your new Perfect Cup. You'll immediately taste the difference of our delicious real ingredients.

Snowball fight

(with our creamer competition)

There are a lot of options out there, but here’s why our creamers are the best creamers:

The Power of Coconut:

Cultures worldwide cherish coconut for its multifaceted health benefits and delicious taste. Coconut in coffee also gives you energy without the jitters as it elongates the release of caffeine in your body.

Less Waste:

Our powdered creamers reduce waste by having a much longer expiration date than liquid creamers and being more transportable during the holiday whirlwind. Don't be on the naughty list by adding to the 900 tons of food waste created annually.

No Natural Flavors:

We take pride in the absence of chemical-laden "natural flavors." You won't find any hidden additives or artificial enhancers in the “Actual World’s Best Cup of Coffee."

the worlds best cup of coffee


7 chances to win $100 of free Laird product & an AeroPress Go.

30 Day money back guarantee

We don’t sit on a throne of lies. We have a 30-day money back guarantee, so if you don’t like our product, just send it back! See our refund policy for more details.

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