Coconut Palm Sugar Part 1: The low-glycemic Sweetener

Posted on December 19 2015

Coconut Palm Sugar Part 1: The low-glycemic Sweetener

Written by: Jeff Grimm | NP-C, FAARM, ABAARM

We understand the negative effects of cane sugar on human health. That is why we use 100% organic and GMO free coconut sugar in our products. Recent reports indicate that coconut blossom sugar (coconut sugar) may be considered a low-glycemic sweetener alternative*.

What is the glycemic index? The glycemic index, or GI index, is basically a measure of how quickly a substance converts into sugar in the bloodstream after you eat it. Often foods high on the GI scale are “hidden” sources of sugar. Medical experts agree that it is not high fat diets that are causing chronic disease (though they may play a part), but the overwhelming amount of high-glycemic foods in the Western diet. One of our favorite documentaries that highlights this fact is Fed-up; currently available on Netflix

We now know that foods high in sugar age us faster. Our diet has many times the amount of sugar as compared to 200 years ago. In 1800, the average American consumed 18 pounds of sugar a year. The figure in 2009 was 180 pounds of sugar! We are literally consuming 10x the amount of sugar in our diets as compared to 200 years ago. An important note: Not all carbs are bad! We are concerned mainly with carbs that turn to sugar quickly.

How does the GI index work. Essentially, if a food is <50, it does not produce as much rise in serum glucose (blood sugar) levels. If over 50, it is considered a high GI food. Here are some shocking examples of foods that are high on the GI index.

    • russet potatoes: 110 on the GI index!
    • fruit roll-ups: 99 GI
    • whole wheat bread:  71 GI
    • instant oatmeal: 83 GI
    • humus: 6 GI
    • honey: 61 GI

A more exhaustive list can be found here

So now the question you are all dying to ask…. What is the glycemic index of coconut sugar? 

Well, according the the Phillipine Department of Agriculture, the GI index of coconut sugar is only……. 35! 

Laird SuperFood Coconut Sugar

*This statement has not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  


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