Master Mixing Laird Superfood Products

Posted on February 2, 2024

Master Mixing Laird Superfood Products

Obtaining all your necessary daily nutrients via your standard diet alone is not easy, no matter who you are. This is one of the reasons why Laird Superfoods creates products that help consumers get their daily dose of the nutrients they might have otherwise been lacking. Check this guide to mixing Laird Superfood Products like Daily Reds, Daily Greens, Performance Mushrooms, Coconut Creamer, and more.


Mixing Laird Superfood Daily Reds and Daily Greens 

Follow certain steps to ensure the Daily Reds and Daily Greens blend perfectly. To make this work for you, try following these steps: 

  • Put Water in First. Consider putting water in first to avoid the Daily Reds or Daily Greens from getting stuck to the container.
  • Mix With a Spoon or Frother. You can blend in multiple ways in your Daily Reds or Daily Greens. Many will simply grab the nearest spoon to do so, but we recommend that you use a frother. The frother will help blend your Daily Reds or Daily Greens more effectively and smoothly.
  • Use a Shaker Bottle. Use a shaker bottle to keep the ingredients mixed. We use whole food ingredients in our products, and this can cause portions of the Daily Greens and Daily Reds to potentially clump up. However, if you shake the bottle after every sip or two of the drink, you will keep it from clumping up. 
  • Add to Your Daily Smoothie. You can and should incorporate Daily Greens and Daily Reds into your daily smoothie to get the most from it. This will boost the nutrient level of the smoothie while also giving you something delicious to drink to get those nutrients in. After all, it is much easier to do the right thing for your diet when it tastes great. 

Following these steps will help you get the most out of your Daily Reds and Daily Greens.


Laird Superfoods Daily Greens and Daily Reds

Incorporate Daily Greens into your daily smoothie.



Mixing Laird Superfood Coconut Creamer 

The steps to mix our coconut creamer in the most effective way possible are as follows: 

  • Scoop the Mix in First. Adding the coconut creamer mix into your cup will help it blend better and is our recommendation for the best mixing experience. 
  • Pour Hot Coffee In. Drop some hot coffee on the coconut creamer. Leave a little room at the top of your mug to add anything else you want to put in, and allow for enough room when the frother spins your drink.
  • Use a Frother. Blend these two things with a frother. It is unnecessary to do this, but it is enjoyable, and many state that it makes their beverage taste much better. 
  • Allow it to Sit and Enjoy. Give your drink about a moment to allow the froth to set in even more to add even more flavor to the experience. 

This is one of our most popular products, as many people enjoy and appreciate the coconut flavor. Add a splash of our coconut creamer to your coffee to enjoy the best coffee you have ever experienced. 


Instant Latte by Laird Superfood being Frothed

Make your coffee better with coconut creamer.


Mixing Laird Superfood Performance Mushrooms 

Our Performance Mushrooms are something that you have to try to believe. They are made of natural ingredients that can help boost performance and add a skip to your step. You can throw just a single scoop into your favorite coffee, tea, or smoothie drink. This will give you an enhanced boost of immune modulation, energy production, and even stress relief. To mix performance mushrooms in perfectly, make sure you follow these steps: 

  • Add Performance Mushrooms to Your Favorite Beverage. Throw in a scoop of Performance Mushrooms to your favorite coffee, tea, or smoothie. This will enhance its flavor. 
  • Stir or Froth the Beverage. Don't forget to stir or froth the beverage for added flavor. Ensure the Performance Mushrooms don't clump up or get stuck within the container. 
  • Enjoy the Energy Boost. Our customers always rave about the energy boost you will get from using Performance Mushrooms in your beverages. It is a great way to give yourself a leg up on the competition. You will also receive the added enjoyment of knowing that you are consuming something natural and delicious. 

You can use Performance Mushrooms in any beverage you enjoy, making them one of our most versatile products. 


Performance Mushrooms by Laird Superfood in a cup of Coffee

Mix Performance Mushrooms with your favorite beverage.


Why Frothers Are Necessary for Great Mixing

You need to keep this device in your kitchen to make all your beverages taste better. On top of that, when you froth your beverages, you create a more visually appealing beverage for yourself. That is a big deal because the more visually appealing your beverage, the more likely you are to consume it. Thus, this might be just the push you need to drink the nutrients you know you need in your diet. 

You can pick up a frother at a very reasonable price and use it to add to every product offered by Laird Superfoods. Take some time to review everything that Laird Superfoods has to offer. Purchase everything that will add some enhancements to your life. You might need an energy boost, perhaps a boost to your immune system, or anything else you can receive from these products.


Superfood Creamer by Laird Superfood being Frothed into Coffee

A frother can make all your beverages look and taste better.


Live Healthier With Laird Superfoods

Make it a part of your daily routine to help ensure you take in the ingredients required to live a happy and healthy life. If you accomplish all that, you are well on your way toward reaping the rewards of a natural and whole-food diet. 

This will help you live better, eat better, and reap the rewards of a balanced and nutritious diet. Laird Superfoods is here to help you in that process.


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