Laird Superfood Creamy Cardamom Ginger Latte

Creamy Cardamom Ginger Latte Recipe

Cardamom and ginger come together to create perfection in this rich and delicious latte. So much to love about this creative latte using our new Soothe Functional Coffee, you're going...

Laird Superfood Soothe Coffee Granola

Soothe Coffee Granola Recipe

Try this easy to make homemade granola using our new Soothe Functional Coffee. So many amazing ingredients in this new take on traditional granola. Oats, pecans and more with our...

Laird Superfood Coconut Coffee Popsicles

Coconut Coffee Popsicles Recipe

Cool down with these soothing and delicious coconut coffee popsicles.  Just three simple ingredients and you have a perfectly chilled snack featuring our latest functional Soothe Coffee.  Ingredients: 1 cup...