The Ketogenic Diet Part III - Putting It All Together

Posted on February 21, 2016

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The Ketogenic Diet Part III

Putting it all together

A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to talk with Laird more about his breakfast routine. As many of you may know, Laird Hamilton takes his morning workouts very seriously. A five-hour morning exercise routine is not uncommon. So what keeps him going throughout the first half of his day?

…The Ketogenic Diet

Laird begins his morning with breathing exercises, some of which learned from the modern day iceman, Wim Hof. His first serious beverage of the morning is a cup of his signature coffee brewed Laird style (lots of espresso) with naturally occurring MCT's. After some exhaustive research and development, Laird and his Laird Superfood team have created an amazing high-fat superfood creamer comprised of coconut oil – dubbed Superfood Creamer. He then has ample energy to complete his morning work out. And believe me, his workout is no joke.

In the Ketogenic Diet part II, we went over some of the science of this approach to eating. Laird’s morning routine is very ketogenic. Many of you have expressed interest in the ketogenic diet as a means for optimal performance as well as weight loss. Those applications have been explored in the documentary Cereal Killers. We’re not sure if this is a movement yet, but the established and ongoing science is very interesting. We would not be surprised if this is the next big diet (see ya later paleo!).

Products that may Support a Ketogenic Diet


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