A Letter from Our CEO

Posted on March 20, 2020

A Letter from Our CEO

Aloha from Laird Superfood!

Our hearts and thoughts go out across the globe to those affected by the Covid-19 virus. I’m writing to update you on what Laird Superfood is doing to address the challenges of this situation.

Bottom line, we are looking out for our team around-the-clock, our food-safety plans are top-notch, we are taking additional protective measures due to the pandemic, and we are stepping up as a team to keep orders flowing during this time of significantly increased demand.

High-quality, shelf-stable, natural products have never been more important. We acted quickly to develop a pandemic safety plan, and secure additional raw materials as Covid-19 spread in Asia. Our pandemic plan is in place, and we expect to be able to continue to deliver product as long as we feel it’s safe to keep our production facilities in Sisters, Oregon open. Our staff is taking great care in keeping themselves and the rest of the team healthy, and working hard to keep orders filled and shelves stocked.   

Laird Superfood took the initiatives years ago to build our own manufacturing facilities from the ground up. In doing so, we were able to build our factories with state-of-the-art cleanroom and production environments, with high-tech, positive-pressure ventilation, and filtration systems. While the safety of our food and staff are always top priorities, these systems, and isolated cleanroom environments are especially appreciated in situations like these.

We’re grateful for the many messages we’ve received from friends and customers asking questions and offering advice. We have taken many measures for the safety of our employees and products for our customers. We are closely monitoring the advice of the CDC, and local and national health authorities. A few examples of what we are doing:

+ We are continually reminding our staff of our policy that, if anyone feels any symptoms of illness, or if anyone in their household is sick, that they not come to work. We have a policy enabling people to anonymously report other workers that may appear to have symptoms of illness.

+ Our business travel has been suspended, and we are encouraging self-quarantine of employees returning from any travel or exposed to those who have traveled to higher-risk areas.

+ Our non-production employees are encouraged to work from home to limit the number of people in our facilities.

+ We already have protective food safety policies, and full protective garb within our enclosed, positive-pressure clean production rooms where the product is produced, packaged and sealed.  We have taken additional measures to further protect these production areas and raw material staging areas with additional cleaning procedures on frequently touched surfaces.

+ We are increasing our production staff to deal with the additional workloads.

+ We have set up our workspaces within the warehouse to provide additional spacing between workstations where able, and are taking extra steps where teamwork requires working in close proximity. 

To our Ohana, we’d encourage you to follow the advice of your local authorities, practice social distancing and self-quarantine where appropriate, and most importantly keep up your practice of healthy living! Quality sleep, good nutrition, and maintaining healthy stress levels are always great goals, and especially relevant now.

We believe our products to be as safe as they’ve always been, and we are in close contact with our ingredient suppliers to keep production running. We are delivering orders as expected, and will be in touch if our employees’ wellbeing necessitates reducing operations.

Mahalo for your support.

Paul Hodge

CEO, Laird Superfood.


  • Mikala: August 26, 2021

    Laird is a very rare company indeed. Integral with quality and pure products, created with the aloha nui, imua and onipa’a. From caring humans that are beings, with a determination to help build a healthier world. Mahalo nui loa for your tireless work and excellent super foods. If I could Hana for you here in Hawai’i, I would with no hesitation.
    No ka oi🤙🏾🌴🌀Mikala

  • Susan: August 25, 2021

    I just learned about your company and products from Bobby Parrish the FlavCity guy. Just ordered your Super Food creamer and I’m so excited to try it!…thank you for giving consumers better, healthier food options!!!

  • Joanie Ambrosio: August 27, 2020

    Aloha, you guys are awesome. So happy to hear you and the management team is keeping the employees safe with following CDC Covid 19 guidelines and more.

    Big fan of the health products Laird creates and love this company. Looking forward to getting back as a Life Enrichment Instructor and Manager here in NorCal and these food product give me the energy I need. Mahalo

  • melodie beamer: June 18, 2020

    Aloha and Mahalo from the north corner of Oregon up here in Hillsboro. We appreciate you and everything you do to help us with our nutrition and the ability to feel good .
    Good to know that you guys are still working for us and Laird is keeping in touch with you, and we are practicing a healthy lifestyle during these uncertain times… Went to the coast, took Laird Superfood, different varieties, of course with us for those morning coffees… This past weekend…And lunch smoothies…! Stay healthy :)

  • Paul Dorfman: April 07, 2020


    Great message of reassurance during this vast healthcare challenge. I am staying in touch with Andrew, Tom, Luan, and looking forward to physically getting back to Wall Street and to my normal fitness regimen! Stay strong. Paul Dorfman.

  • Dominique Kongsli: June 18, 2020

    That’s so awesome that you are protecting the health and safety of your customers and staff. Way to go. You just made me love your product and company even more.

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