Our Daily Ritual Fulfillment Story

Posted on November 23, 2021

Daily Ritual Fulfillment Story

Meet the team of amazing humans who make your Daily Ritual possible!


Most people are surprised to hear that we still pack every single order by hand in our small town of Sisters, Oregon. This allows us the personal touch of ensuring your orders are quality checked with care, and we are creating job opportunities in our local community!

Straight from our hands to your front door, our incredible fulfillment team members like Jackie, Emily, Tiffany, and Tanner work tirelessly to make sure that you are never without your favorite products. They take great care with each order, knowing that it’s going to you!

In a time where so many companies are moving to automation, we are so proud to be employing incredible people who love and use our product just like you do.

Although we’re excited to be growing and changing, we can promise that some things never will. We will always stay true to our values of putting people and the planet first, and making the best quality superfood products for you and your family.

From our Ohana to yours, every day. That’s the way we do it.


  • Karen: January 07, 2022

    I’ve heard about your product from Bobby Parrish-FlavCity. I started following Laird on Instagram. Now, I’m listening to your employees being valued and appreciated. These testimonies give me the desire to try your product! That’s my next step!

  • Jane Kammerzelt: December 07, 2021

    Great products from a great company. Hearing that employees feel valued and that ”no idea is too small” fits. Every time I share Laird’s Superfoods products with others, they become customers too. InstaFuel is a must for traveling.
    Thanks for the recipes and easy to navigate website.

  • Wilson Rivera: December 07, 2021

    Thank you so much for such a great product,
    I am very happy to add it to my diet, and to the employees very happy Holidays, Thank you again.

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