Pole, Pedal, Paddle: Bend's Favorite Race

Posted on May 21 2019

Pole, Pedal, Paddle: Bend's Favorite Race

Much anticipated, multifaceted event

Bend's favorite race, Pole Pedal Paddle, combines skiing, biking, running, and water sports into one event that is exhilarating for participants and spectators alike.  

This year, Laird Superfood was proud to be a part of the action. Our team of Laird Superfood employees banded together to demonstrate their individual expertise in each leg, and their shared excitement to help each other to the finish line.

Downhill Ski

Cross Country Ski



Sprint to the Finish

The day concluded with Laird Superfood staff fueling race participants with much-deserved superfood refreshments on the lawn alongside the Old Mill District. 

Fueling with Superfoods




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