What Superfood Creamer Are You?

Posted on March 22, 2022

Laird Superfood Creamers, Non-Dairy Coffee Creamer

If you were a Superfood Creamer, do you think you know what flavor you’d be?

Our team has utilized highly sophisticated flow-chart technology to finally give you the answer you’ve been looking for. 

Answer honestly and see your Superfood Creamer destiny!


Laird Superfood Coconut Creamers


  • Kathy Phillips : November 17, 2022

    I was looking for a coffee creamer to replace coconut milk, powered creamer (not healthy). I didn’t realize Laird had sugar free option. I will re-order that option. Product does not turn coffee into cream colored. It has a pleasant flavor (except for sweet flavor). The sweetened variety will work great in a smoothie! Can’t wait to try the sugar free type. Thank you!

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