Yoga and Roll with 42 Birds

Posted on March 1, 2019

Yoga pose

Photo courtesy of 42 Birds

Need to reconnect or get a good stretch? Try this yoga and rolling sequence created by our friends at 42 Birds

This approachable flow helps to increase flexibility by combining the benefits of stretching and tension-releasing muscle rolling using cork yoga props.

Yoga & Cork Rolling

The slick 42 Birds Roller seen in the video is available for a limited time on Kickstarter! So, if you want to roll out responsibly, check out their rad campaign video and snag one of the early bird specials before they sell out. Watch here.

42 Birds is an eco-conscious yoga gear company focused on creating responsibly-made equipment. Find more information at

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  • Patty: April 29, 2019

    Just found this blog and am loving it! I had no idea about cork rollers or mats before tbh. I came to the site to check out different food products after hearing Gabby on Rogan and got some Instafuel to try. But what a happy bonus to get all this great info, too!

    Thank you!

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