HYDRATE Coconut Popsicle Recipe

Posted on August 29, 2017

Coconut Popsicle Recipe

What better way to beat the heat than refreshing coconut water popsicles? Use HYDRATE to get optimal hydration and all the benefits of Aquamin without the artificial colors and sweeteners of traditional popsicle mixes!

You'll need:

    Pro tip: Add a puree of your favorite fruit for a sweeter treat! 

    1. Add HYDRATE to your water, make sure it's enough to fill your popsicle molds. The serving size for HYDRATE is 1 tbsp per 8oz of water. 

    Scoop HYDRATE into water

    2. Mix the HYDRATE well for optimum popsicle quality.

    HYDRATE mixing in mug

    3. Fill your popsicle molds.

    Filling HYDRATE popsicle molds

    4. Place your popsicle handles in your molds.

    Place handles in popsicle molds

    5. Freeze for four hours or until completely frozen.

    Freeze popsicles

     6. Enjoy! 

    Girls with popsicles and dog

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    • Yumi Bollag: August 31, 2017

      Dear Laird Superfoods: We just received our first order yesterday and my husband and 11 year old daughter were all over the HYDRATE product and sampled it with a glass of ice water immediately. It was not only refreshing, but has a delicious light taste. My daughter loves it so much she said she is adding it to her reusable water bottle for school. I will show her the popsicle recipe. Great idea and way to stay hydrated on these hot days. Thank you very much!

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