It All Started with a Cup of Coffee

Posted on January 2, 2022

It All Started with a Cup of Coffee


Laird Hamilton is so much more than a prolific big wave surfer, he’s a person with an innate curiosity on how things can be upgraded and improved in all areas of life. Like most people, Laird’s morning ritual begins with a cup of coffee, and true to his nature, he found himself wondering if there was a way to tinker with the recipe in his morning cup to help him keep up with the physical demands of long morning sessions out on the water.

Being a competitive athlete, Laird was familiar with the proper nutrition required for athletic performance, so he concocted a superfood creamer formulated with plant-based ingredients and naturally occurring MCTs from coconut oil (which have been studied for their positive impact on athletic performance and found to be a quick form of useable energy during physical exertion).

Sometimes adding in real food flavors like real Tahitian vanilla and premium cacao, Laird developed a coffee and creamer duo that he felt maximized his performance and kept him sustained for hours. Laird would mix his “superfood” coffee in his kitchen, drink it onshore, and felt that it kept his brain sharp all day, even when the ocean was extra challenging and unforgiving. It was like he cracked the code to the perfect superfuel!

In 2015, after sharing his coffee concoction with many friends and family, Laird and his friend Paul Hodge decided that they were ready to share their passions with the world.

Founded on the idea that everyone should be able to enjoy delicious superfoods and supplements that enable you to perform at the highest level, no matter what you're doing, Laird Superfood now offers over a dozen superfood creamers to mix with our functional coffees so you’re always ready for your next big adventure.

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