The Science Behind Processing Coffee and Why our Coffee is Better

Posted on February 13, 2016

Organic Peruvian coffee beans

Laird Superfood™ Coffee is miles ahead of the competition

We all know that Laird Hamilton is the top surfing innovator in the world, but did you know he takes that same passion and puts it into his coffee?

Laird Superfood™ Coffee is miles ahead of other brands in terms of taste, quality and innovation. I think after you read this you’ll realize why…

GROWING ALTITUDE IS CRITICALLY IMPORTANT. It turns out that coffee plants grown at high elevation for long growing times are distinguished as Super Hard Beans (SHB). We’re talking plantations over 6000 feet! It is difficult and expensive to grow coffee this way, but the tradeoff is worth it.

Super Hard Beans grown at high altitude possesses incredibly rich and complex flavors

LAIRD SUPERFOOD™ COFFEE IS HANDPICKED. The majority of the world's coffee is picked by machine. Unfortunately machines are incapable of differentiating the coffee berry's state of ripeness. The result is inferior quality, inconsistency of flavor and poor taste. At Laird Superfood™ we are committed to producing the world's finest coffee thus we only pick our beans the old-fashioned way, by hand. This method is extremely time consuming and expensive. Regardless we are steadfast in our commitment to produce the best coffee in the world.

Handpicked coffee, though time consuming, produces the best tasting coffee in the world

COFFFE STRAIN IS IMPORTANT. Much of the coffee from around the world is too acidic. This leads to digestive issues in many people. A newer trend in the coffee industry is to offer coffee that has a lower acidity. Acidity is important to achieve complex flavors, but too much is hard on the stomach. Laird Superfood™ Coffee uses lower acid strains of coffee for that reason.

Coffee acidity level is important

WET PROCESSED AFTER PICKED. Normally all over the world coffee beans are laid out in the sun to dry with the flesh still on the bean, which makes it easy to remove the flesh after drying, but also can produce Mycotoxins a form of mold in the coffee. Laird Superfood's coffee although a more expensive and time consuming process is wet processed, where the flesh is removed prior to drying the bean. We feel this is important as the flesh will change the flavor of the bean if dried on the bean and create more acidity, but also this removes all Mycotoxins.  Upon drying after flesh removal our beans are tested to insure they are Mycotoxin free.

Wet processed beans insure the beans flavor is not tainted by the flesh of the bean, and are Mycotoxin free.

LAIRD SUPERFOOD™ COFFEE'S ROASTING PROCESS: LONG & SLOW.  Laird Superfood™ pays special emphasis during the roasting phase by employing a specialized drum roaster to process our valuable beans in small batches. This time consuming procedure enables us to perfectly control the consistency of our coffee while providing an even roast of our beans. It also leads to a lower bean weight producing the perfect balance of sweetness, acidity and bitterness.

Long, slow roasting produces perfectly balanced coffee with lower acidity

LAIRD SUPERFOOD™ COFFEE UTILIZES A CUTTING EDGE PACKAGING SYSTEM. All of the oxygen in the bagged coffee is removed and replaced with an inert gas. This insures the coffee will stay fresh tasting for months rather than just two weeks which is the industry standard.

Removing oxygen from bagged coffee ensures freshness that lasts for months

COMMITMENT TO HIGHEST QUALITY AND EXCEPTIONAL PRICING. Normally, coffee grown and processed at this quality level is sold for between $20-$30 per pound. We are selling for half of that! The Laird SuperFood™ team wants to bring the best coffee to you at affordable prices so that everyone can have a premium coffee experience every day of the week.

Our coffee is of unsurpassed quality and offered at affordable pricing

Enjoy a cup of Laird Superfood Coffee today. We are committed to unsurpassed quality at great prices. 


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