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  • Chocolate Mint Merry Munch Recipe

    Mon, Dec 03, 2018

    Looking for the perfect holiday snack to share? Try this "puppy chow" recipe with a superfood spin!  This easy treat offers cleaner alternatives to the traditional ingredients with raw organic...

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  • Chocolate Mint Brownies with Matcha Frosting Recipe

    Mon, Nov 19, 2018

    A festive treat for Chocolate Mint and Matcha lovers, these cool mint brownies are decadent, sweet and naturally flavored with raw organic cacao—perfect for sharing at any holiday get together. Trying...

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  • Pumpkin Spice Curry Soup Recipe

    Tue, Oct 30, 2018

    Cozy up with a warm bowl of aromatic Pumpkin Spice Curry Soup. Full of festive spices, this soup uses our Pumpkin Spice Superfood Creamer® & Unsweetened Superfood Creamer® to make it creamy without having to...

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  • Plant-Based Pumpkin Spice Banana Bread Recipe

    Wed, Oct 24, 2018

    Quite possibly the best banana bread ever! Adding the Laird Superfood® Pumpkin Spice Creamer adds a whole new dimension and makes it the perfect treat for the season.   Ingredients 1 1/2 cups all...

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  • Cranberry Orange Scones Recipe

    Tue, Oct 09, 2018

    These buttery, melt-in-your-mouth scones have a sweet and tangy flavor that make the perfect breakfast treat for cold fall mornings. Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside—pair them with...

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  • Mango Pineapple Mousse Recipe

    Thu, Sep 27, 2018

    This cool Mango Pineapple Mousse topped with lime & coconut cream is a mousse-style dessert that uses our Unsweetened Superfood Creamer and HYDRATE coconut water. Refreshing and delicious, this whole food...

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  • Vegan Butternut Squash Chili Recipe

    Wed, Sep 19, 2018

    A Vegan Butternut Squash Chili is the ticket to warming up on a brisk autumn evening. This chili is made with butternut squash (try buying a pre-chopped pack if you need to save...

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  • Creamy Strawberry Superfood Popsicle Recipe

    Mon, Jul 30, 2018

    Cool down with these mouth-watering Creamy Strawberry Popsicles from our friends Justin and Erica of @realsimplegood. The perfect superfood snack for a hot summer day. Best of all, they're a delicious,...

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  • Plant-Based Chocolate Cherry Smoothie Recipe

    Wed, Jul 11, 2018

    Justin and Erica of @realsimplegood bring us this easy Chocolate Cherry Smoothie using our Cacao Superfood Creamer®. The perfect smoothie to start your day! Ingredients 1 cup full fat coconut milk 1/2 cup...

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  • Golden Chia Pudding Bowl Recipe

    Wed, Jun 13, 2018

    Introducing our newest contributors Justin and Erica of @realsimplegood. This power couple creates 100% Paleo recipes packed with clean and delicious ingredients to help you achieve healthy living. Try out this...

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  • Superfood turmeric cookie and brownie recipe
    Somewhere between a brownie and a cookie, these treats are packed full of superfood ingredients.
    Superfood "Brookies" Recipe by Maiah Miller

    Wed, May 02, 2018

    When you combine Laird Superfood Turmeric Creamer with cookies AND brownies, you get this power-packed, delicious brownie-cookie hybrid (hence the brookie).  Guest recipe by Maiah Miller of Running Girl Health! Servings: 12-16 pieces  Ingredients...

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  • Crunchy Cacao Energy Balls Recipe

    Tue, Apr 17, 2018

    These energizing Superfood Balls are the perfect sweet-tooth-satisfying snack. Servings: 26 bites Ingredients 1/2 cup Laird Superfood Cacao Creamer 1/2 cup almonds 1/4 cup unrefined coconut oil 1/4 cup cacao nibs...

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  • Superfood Cacao Cupcake Recipe

    Fri, Mar 30, 2018

      Time: about 45 minutes Yields 12 cupcakes Gluten-free, Paleo, Vegetarian Ingredients Ingredients 1/2 cup cassava flour  1/2 cup Laird Superfood Cacao Creamer  1/2 cup Coconut Sugar  1/2 cup cacao...

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  • Chocolate Lovers' Creamy Cacao Dip Recipe

    Tue, Feb 13, 2018

    Need a romantic and healthy dessert for Valentine's Day? The meeting of flavors in this tasty treat is a perfect match. This antioxidant-rich dip is a smooth, satisfying and healthier...

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  • Carrot Ginger Superfood Smoothie Recipe

    Mon, Feb 05, 2018

    Add a little zest to your step with this simple, satisfying Superfood smoothie. This blend is chock-full of amazing ingredients that will help boost your energy.  Servings: 2 Ingredients 8...

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  • Superfood Turmeric Popcorn
    Ditch the tins this holiday season and make your own fresh popcorn!
    Golden Popcorn with Turmeric Recipe

    Tue, Jan 09, 2018

    Ditch the popcorn tins this holiday season and make your own fresh, healthier version with Laird Superfood's Turmeric Creamer. This delicious variation on a classic favorite will be an instant...

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  • Plant based cacao bars recipe


    Superfood Cacao Coconut Bars Recipe

    Tue, Jan 09, 2018

    A Superfood-packed, healthier alternative to holiday fudge. Servings: 12 Squares Ingredients 1 cup unrefined coconut oil 1 cup macadamia nuts, chopped 1/2 cup Laird Superfood Cacao Creamer Directions Add ingredients to...

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  • Superfood Golden Milk Recipe

    Wed, Dec 06, 2017

      Check out the instructional video below for an easy recipe for our Superfood Golden Milk latte.  Ingredients 6 oz of hot water 3 tbsp  Laird Superfood Turmeric Creamer Directions Blend and...

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  • Superfood pumpkin bread recipe
    Grab some pumpkin purée and a bread pan and prep this seasonal superfood treat. 
    Superfood Pumpkin Bread Recipe

    Wed, Nov 29, 2017

    Grab some pumpkin purée and a bread pan and prep this seasonal superfood treat. This recipe yields 8 hearty, healthy slices of pumpkin bread that will warm you from the inside...

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  • Fall Breakfast Favorite: Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Recipe

    Fri, Nov 17, 2017

    A great alternative to highly processed boxed cereals, this oatmeal recipe is filled with nutrients to set your day up for success. When selecting oats, it’s best to buy steel cut...

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